During the development of the project, the Consortium must produce documents, called Deliverable, in order to keep the EU Commission and the broader public updated on the project progress, results and outcome.

Here you can find the Deliverables with Public dissemination level, available for consultation or download.

Please note that some Deliverables might have a DRAFT watermark; they will be replaced with their latest version after final approval.

D7.3 - Final exploitation plan
D7.2 - Project website, newsletters and promotional material
D6.2 - Recommendations for actions at EU level
D6.1 - Recommended practices for ITS usability and VRU integration
D5.3 - Evaluation Results
D5.2 - Trials application and infrastructure
D4.2 - Architecture for integration of VRUs and draft recommended practices for usability & user acceptance
D4.1 - Draft: Usability assessment of selected applications
D3.2 – Impact assessment update
D3.1 - Assessment of selected ITS
D2.3 - Implementation Scenarios
D2.2 - Assessment methodology
D2.1 - Technology potential of ITS addressing the needs of Vulnerable Road Users