VRUITS Final Conference

On March 3rd, 2016, at the Transport For London premises, the VRUITS Project has presented to a wide public its main findings and recommendations. In the last three years, the VRUITS Project has investigated and piloted a range of ITS to enhance the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and powered two wheeler riders, including:

  • infrastructure based ITS, such as 'intelligent pedestrian traffic signal';
  • vehicle based ITS, such as 'blind spot detection' and 'pedestrian detection systems & emergency breaking'
  • user-centric systems, such as 'green wave for cyclists' or 'in-vehicle information on approaching powered-two wheeler'

Here, you can download all material shown during the VRUITS Project Final Conference, including the pilots’ videos. More information on the outcomes of the event will be included in the upcoming newsletter, available soon in this website.

VRUITS Final Event - Agenda
VRUITS Final Event - The VRUITS Approach
VRUITS Final Event - Spanish Pilot in Valladolid
VRUITS Final Event Alcalá de Henares - Pilot Experience
VRUITS Final Event - Dutch Pilot in Helmond
VRUITS Final Event - The Role of Vehicle Technology in road safety in London
VRUITS Final Event - Impact Assessment
VRUITS Final Event - Industrial Perspective
VRUITS Final Event - VRUITS Recommendations
VRUITS Final Event - The C-ITS Deployment in Europe