Dynniq is an international technical service provider delivering total solutions for the traffic market and specialized parts of the infrastructural market. The organization combines electrical engineering and ICT to the best combination of technical services and products for moving people, materials, energy & data flows.

The main markets in which Dynniq is active directly or through sales channels are in Europe whit a market focus on the traffic and public transport sector. By applying a wide range of products, system solutions and services, the company realises its main objective to support its customers in the development, implementation and evaluation of an optimal mobility policy. The functional markets that are recognized are: urban and inter-urban mobility systems, public transport, enforcement and safety and mobility information services.

Dynniq’s strength is based on highly educated, experienced and skilled employees. Dynniq has a strong track record in the development of robust products and services for their markets. Through a number of stable strategic partnerships Dynniq can quickly implement big projects in a wide application area.

In order to realize solutions for customers, Dynniq operates a skilled project management department and a service and training department that is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Role in the project

Dynniq will use its broad knowledge and experience with former projects and FOTs about ITS and cooperative systems mainly for the adaptation and integration of applications on the Dutch test site. Their installed base of products for state of the art traffic light control and cooperative RSUs will be reused for this project. Dynniq will contribute to the cost estimates for socioeconomic impact assessment and contribute to the integration and adaptation of applications from the roadside point of view. During the actual trial evaluation support can be given by logging various data from the roadside.