Pilot in Helmond

Environment of the Alcalá de Henares pilot

November 2014

In this video it is shown the environment of the intersection where the pilot is going to be implemented.
The pilot integrates two applications: the Intersection Safety (INS) and the Intelligent Pedestrian Traffic Signal.
The Intersection Safety (INS) gives right turning assistance in low visibility intersections focusing particularly on safety of vulnerable road users, like pedestrians.
When there’s a pedestrian crossing, a warning is broadcasted to cars.

The Intelligent Pedestrian Traffic (IPT) is a traffic signal control system that uses artificial vision cameras to determine the presence of pedestrians and adjusts the traffic signals accordingly. If pedestrians are slow to cross the road, the green light period for pedestrians is extended.
This IPT includes an innovative way to request green light for pedestrians. A Bluetooth beacon reinforces the push button through a mobile app for smartcrossing

Pilot in Valladolid 1

Pilot in Valladolid 2

Pilot in Valladolid 3

Pedestrian mobile application for Intelligent Pedestrian Traffic Signal

March 2014

An Android-based mobile application has been developed to integrate pedestrians in a cooperative IPTS as a connected element.

The application can simply be downloaded and installed on the pedestrian’s smartphone, which must respect the following technical characteristics:

  • Android 4.1;
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (Required to use the “activate green light demand” function);
  • Internet connection 3G, 4G (needed for receiving SPaT messages).

The Application not only allows the user to activate a green light demand, but it also shows signals in real time thanks to SPaT messages.

In the settings menu, the user will be able to activate acoustic or vibrating options and additional icons indicating Stop or Go.

White pedestrians’ icons enable color-blinded people to identify the change in the signal.

The vibration and sound options permit pedestrians to focus on traffic conditions, becoming aware of when it is proper to cross without continuously staring at the mobile device.