Fundación CIDAUT (Research and Development Center in Transport & Energy) was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization and is located in the Technological Park of Boecillo, Valladolid (Spain). Its main objective is to increase competitiveness and industrial development of companies operating in the automotive sector, as well as in the railway and aircraft sector, strengthening their industrial fabric by increasing their technological capabilities, in such a way that they are able to develop new products and processes. Regarding safety expertise, CIDAUT is experienced in real world accidents studies, biomechanics, virtual testing and modelling, integrated safety (preventive, active and passive safety) among others.

Besides, CIDAUT has been active since many years in policy formulation, standardization, cost-benefit analysis in fields like road safety, mobility, accessibility, etc. which are relevant for VRUITS. CIDAUT has wide experience in National and European research programmes together with customer projects in many different fields. The Human Factors and Accident Analysis department will be the main one involved in this project, providing support from their expertise in: in-vehicle human-machine interfaces, road infrastructure safety, accident analysis, vulnerable road users (especially, motorcyclists, pedestrians and elderly) and railway incidents prevention. In addition, the Electronics department will also contribute to the project.

At a national level, the Human Factors group has been involved in several national initiatives working on new ADAS and IVIS (MARTA project), as well as at improving pedestrians safety and mobility through innovative ITS (TOTEM and PPI projects). Moreover, the Human Factors team has been involved in different European projects such as AIDE (Adaptive Integrated Driver-Vehicle Interface), PReVENT (Preventive and Active Safety Applications), TRACE (Traffic Accident Causation in Europe) and RANKERS (Ranking for European Road Safety) from the 6th Framework Programme, in this latter project CIDAUT acted as project coordinator. Furthermore, it has also been involved in different initiatives from the 7th FP such as SAFERIDER (Advanced Telematics for Enhancing the Safety and Comfort of Motorcycle Riders), TeleFOT (Field Operational Tests of Aftermarket & Nomadic Devices in Vehicles), ISi-PADAS (Integrated Human Modelling and Simulation to support Human Error Risk Analysis of Partially Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems), 2-BE-SAFE (2-Wheeler Behaviour and Safety), GOAL (Growing Older, stAying mobiLe: Transport needs for an ageing society), ROSA (Dissemination of European Handbook on Best-Practice related to Two-Wheeled Motor Vehicles´ Safety), RESTRAIL (Mitigation measures and good practice to reduce human fatalities and disruption of services resulting from suicides and trespasses on railways property) and INROADS (Intelligent Renewable Optical Advisory System).

Role in VRUITS

CIDAUT contributes to VRUITS in managing WP5 on the adaptation and evaluation of innovative ITS applications, being involved in a pilot in Spain. CIDAUT will also play a relevant role in WP4 for the evaluation and definition of recommended practices regarding usability related aspects. Besides, CIDAUT will provide support to the identification of VRU needs in WP2, to the impact assessment of selected ITS services in WP3, to the production of final recommendations in WP6 and dissemination activities in relation to the pilots as part of WP7.