ECORYS Nederland B.V.

Brief description of the organisation:

ECORYS Nederland B.V. is one of the oldest and largest economic research and consulting companies in Europe specialising in economic, spatial and social development. ECORYS provides a full range of services, from research and policy advice, through institution building and capacity development, to programme management and implementation, communication and financing advice, and monitoring and evaluation. We have an excellent in-house expertise in several knowledge areas relevant for the assignment, including transport, finance, regional economic development, competition and regulation.

ECORYS’ transport division provides clients with comprehensive analysis and creative solutions in the fields of mobility, infrastructure and logistics covering all modes of transport. We have working experience in key economic, financial, institutional and regulatory aspects of air, road, rail and water transport.

ECORYS Energy & Environment delivers strategic advice to policy-makers by combining in-depth energy and environmental expertise with a clear understanding of the societal and economic context in which new policies have to be implemented.


Main tasks of participant in VRUITS project:

ECORYS will contribute to WP2 user needs, technology potential and methodology. In WP3 ECORYS will be involved in the development of the methodology and conducting the impact assessment focusing on the socio-economic analysis. ECORYS will also contribute to WP5. ECORYS will lead WP6 focusing on the recommendations aiming at improving the VRU safety and mobility. Within WP6 ECORYS will contribute to T6.1 and will lead the task 6.2. Finally ECORYS will also be involved in dissemination and exploitation activities in WP7, and will lead task 7.4.

Previous experience relevant to above tasks:

ECORYS is one of the most experienced organisations in Europe using cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for infrastructure appraisal. ECORYS is co-author of the Dutch ‘OEI guidelines’ which include mandatory CBA requirements for all large infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. ECORYS has also extensive experience in impact assessment studies. ECORYS has extensive experience in participating in European research projects in the area of transport, like AMITRAN, 2DECIDE, BELOGIC, SPADE-1, SPADE-2, OPAL, THEMIS, MARNIS, PLATINA, etc.