FACTUM OG - Traffic And Social Analyses

FACTUM is a consulting firm without any regular public funds. It conducts both basic and applied research, and it assists various customers in connection with the implementation of research results. The main work area of FACTUM is traffic from a social scientific and psychological point of view. The central scientific topic is the development of methods to communicate adequately with different target groups. All this is based on work on attitude- and acceptance matters, motive, user needs and communication research ("marketing") and on behaviour observation, qualitative and description methods. FACTUM has large expertise in the area of transport systems and works mostly interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary, both at the national and at the European level. With its studies FACTUM contributes to solutions for traffic and mobility problems, with sustainability in view. Main topics are: Co-operation in the development of traffic-concepts, Traffic-safety research and consulting, Traffic-Behaviour analyses and traffic-Conflict Observations, Research of effects of technique measures on human behaviour, Driver improvement, problem diagnostics and performance measurement.

Role in the project

Factum will lead WP2 VRU user needs, technology potential and methodology and will be responsible for the assessment and evaluation of user needs by applying a variety of scientific research methods. In addition Factum will provide input to WP3, WP4 and WP6 regarding user needs and specific requirements in regard to ITS services.