KITE Solutions

KITE Solutions is a SME, established in 2003, with the goals of developing and implementing automated systems and human interfaces in industrial contexts. The objectives of the Company are designing, commercialising and implementing technological solutions in domains with advanced automation and safety critical human machine interfaces. Main expertise lies in engineering, risk assessment and cognitive sciences, and in databases development, management and statistical analysis for accident investigations and development of professional software solutions for knowledge management and Human-Machine Systems integration. Presently, a number of industrial actions are being carried out mostly in the domain of aviation and automation design and development for Italian customers. In particular, KITE is collaborating with the Italian Flight Safety Committee and with Airbus-UK to the development of incident reporting confidential systems, in the area of aviation maintenance. At research level, members of the Company have participated and collaborated to EU funded projects, in FWP 5 and FWP 6. Moreover, the Company is actively collaborating to FWP 7 Projects, recently started, in the domain of Automotive safety and Transport Aviation and Patient Safety.

Role in the Project

The main contribution of KITE will be in managing the Work package in charge of the Dissemination and Exploitation of the results of VRUITS and in developing the Guidelines to improve usability of ITS applications. Further KITE will also collaborate to the assessment of user interfaces and in the evaluation of user satisfaction of the proposed methodologies and services.