Lulea University Of Technology (LTU)

In the 40 years since Luleå University of Technology (LTU) was established, the university has undergone a significant expansion, which has transformed it from a rural college to becoming the first university of technology in Sweden specialising in engineering. LTU has around 16 000 students and 1500 employees. The university has 161 professors and around 500 doctorates. The annual turnover is 1.6 billion SEK, of which 57 percent is research.

LTU has always had a priority for the development of user-motivated applied research, although basic and fundamental research has always served as a base for our applied research. In addition to our old and well-established research contacts with the industry within e.g. iron ore, metallurgy, energy (water) and forestry in the County of Norrbotten, the university also has many industrial partners in various areas throughout Sweden and in other countries. We believe that our focus on applied science is of absolute greatest value to meet societal and industrial needs, and indeed necessary for continued advances in developing innovations to meet present and future challenges. Our cooperation with universities, companies and organisations - regionally, nationally and internationally - strengthens our leading-edge research and plays a central role in the development of new knowledge and innovative products and services.

The creation of new research environments corresponds well with our university's profile of addressing specific areas of strong research. LTU has for several years had the aim of forming strong research environments, which has resulted in several larger research centres. The majority of these centres have a focus in applied research, often in connection with local or national industry. However, while our applied research contributes to better processes and products, our world-class basic research creates fundamental, new knowledge leading to publications in leading journals. Continued gains in research and education at the university inspire new scientific findings of great importance. Important research findings at the university often lead to important innovations. Innovations may be in the shape of new processes, new solutions, new products or even new businesses. For example, LTU has created new offspring companies for exploitation of innovations of perceived high market potential. Undoubtedly, without several important findings many advances in industry could not have occurred without research performed at LTU.

Role in the project:

In VRUITS LTU is responsible for the comfort and mobility assessment methodology and assessment of ITS applications (leading T3.2), and for the in-depth study of hospital data.