WP4 – Improving ITS applications


This work package addresses the project objectives of developing recommended practices for the HMI and for VRU integration

  • Assessing the usability of existing ITS applications, and recommending practices to improve the HMI for different VRU user groups
  • Developing an architecture for the integration of VRUs in cooperative traffic systems.
  • Assessing communication channels and HMI concepts for providing safety critical information to VRUs.
  • Providing a preliminary recommended practices for HMI and VRU integration, for use in WP5, and at the end of the project a formal proposal of the recommended practices


Results from the activities performed during Work Package 4 are summarized in the following documents.

D4.2 - Architecture for integration of VRUs and draft recommended practices for usability & user acceptance
D4.1 - Draft: Usability assessment of selected applications