WP6 – Recommendations


The main objective of this task is to determine, assess and rank the recommendations regarding ITS applications in order to improve the safety and the comfort of VRU users.
WP6 starts from the results of the previous work packages, especially WP2 (scenarios), WP3 (ex-ante and ex-post impact assessment), WP4 (draft guidelines for improvement of the HMI and integration of VRUs in cooperative traffic systems) and WP5 (pilot evaluation results). WP6 investigates how the full potential of ITS applications, as identified by the safety, comfort and cost-benefit assessments, can be realised – through identifying and assessing the measures which should be taken by industry and by the authorities.
This WP leads to two types of recommendations:

  • recommended practices targeted towards the ITS industry, for improving ITS applications for VRUs, i.e. for optimising the HMI for different VRUs and for improving the integration of VRUs in cooperative traffic, which will be done in T6.1. This task will also initiate standardisation actions and assess how the products can be taken into the market and new markets opened.
  • recommendations for actions at an EU level . T6.2 will analyse possible measures, which T6.3 will prioritise in collaboration with major stakeholders, assess quantitatively and rank.


Results from the activities performed during Work Package 6 are summarized in the following documents.

D6.2 - Recommendations for actions at EU level
D6.1 - Recommended practices for ITS usability and VRU integration