Interest Groups

The Interest Groups are formed by representatives of industries and organisations involved in the domain VRU systems development and implementation, with the goal to keep them updated on project results, to receive feedback, potentially influencing the project evolution, and evaluating its achievements and final results.

The End-User Interest Group consists of Representatives of end-users particularly involved as VRUs.

The ITS Industry Interest Group consists of Representatives of application developers and OEMs, such as ERTICO and ACEM (Motorcycle Industry in Europe) and representatives of standardisation groups.

The City Authorities Reference Group is a Reference Group of 8 cities, which provides feedback to the project and provides input on data collection, user needs and requirements, use cases, ITS activities, etc.

The interaction with the Interest Groups will be mainly provided through 3 Interest Group Workshops.

  • First Interest Group Workshop, planned for month 6 will focus on prioritisation of ITS applications and selection of ITS applications for further assessment
  • The Second Interest Group Workshop planned for month 15 will focus on results of qualitative assessment and selection of functions for quantitative assessment.
  • The Third Interest Group Workshop planned for month 32 will list recommendations and rules of prioritization, on actions related to opening of the markets and selection of measures to be assed in detail.

At the end of the Project (month 36) an International Workshop: ITS applications for improving safety and mobility of Vulnerable Road Users, will be organized aimed at presenting the results of the Project and at offering an international arena for comparing and benchmarking the technological safety improvements proposed by VRUITS as well as other Projects. The workshop will also be used to promote the project results to the ITS industry.

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