Consortium & Associated

Participants to the VRUITS project are various experts coming from different European countries, all collaborating at improving safety, mobility and comfort of Vulnerable Road Users through a VRUs-center approach to the problem. In particular, the VRUITS project comprehends four smaller subgroups, each one of it with specific duties and objectives.

The VRUITS Consortium will research which actions have to be taken in order to improve the safety and mobility of VRUs, through assessing the impact of ITS applications and through benchmarking of innovative solutions to integrate VRUs in future traffic systems. This is a challenging task, and requires experts from different fields.

The Associated Member Group consists of key stakeholders which will provide guidance and feedback to the project and support the VRUITS project at major decision points.

Moreover, Interest Group will be set up, which will provide guidance with regard to the project, especially concerning the user needs, the selection of the applications to be assessed qualitatively and quantitatively, and of the prioritization of the list of recommendations.