In this section the VRUITS Consortium proposes papers or website links for documents on project-related topics, available for download or consultation.


Paper & Presentation

VRUITS Presentation at 10th ITS European Congress
16-06-2014, Helsinki
A.P.Morris et al. (2013) Critical accident scenarios for cyclists and how they can be addressed through ITS solutions
Vulnerable Road User needs towards ITS
Improving safety and mobility of Vulnerable Road Users through ITS applications
ITS for the safety of vulnerable road users
Selected ITS descriptive posters
The older adult road user: recommendations for driver assistance



Press Release

The VRUITS Project: Final Event
THE VRUITS Project: Third Interest Group Workshop
01-12-2015, Brussels, Spain
THE VRUITS Project: Spanish outcomes presentation
23-09-2015, Valladolid, Spain
Event: VRUITS Second Interest Group Workshop - Invitation
16-06-2014, Ravintola Limone, Helsinki
Event: First Interest Group Workshop - Results
18-09-2013, Bruxelles
Event: VRUITS First Interest Group Workshop - Invitation
18-09-2013, Bruxelles
VTT Press Release: Safety improvement for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists (in Finnish)
VRUITS kick-off meeting