Polis has been a platform for dialogue and cooperation on current transport issues for cities and regions around Europe since 1989. It currently represents almost 70 cities, regions and transport operators from 18 European countries. Polis events, publications and in-house expertise create opportunities for its members to exchange experience and forge partnerships among themselves, with the industry and the research community, and to develop innovative solutions. The objective of Polis is to support European cities and regions to improve the quality of life of their citizens through innovative measures for sustainable urban transport. The Network facilitates access to European initiatives and research programmes for its members, looking into solutions for urban and regional comfort/mobility, including health and environment, traffic management and intelligent transport systems, road safety, and social and economic aspects of transport. Polis also provides decision-makers with strategic information to improve urban and regional transport, and it advocates the development of an adequate policy framework at the European level to achieve sustainable comfort/mobility in cities and regions. Polis is based in Brussels and currently employs 9 people.

Role in the project:

Within VRUITS, Polis will mainly be involved in WP7 Dissemination and Exploitation, leading task 7.3 'Interaction with Groups of Interest'.

Polis has a longstanding experience in developing innovative solutions for local transport and has participated in many EU projects and local activities in this field. Polis ensures the dissemination of results in many EU projects, supports cities and regions in implementing innovative solutions through focus groups, seminars and individualised guidance and advice, has managed demonstration work-packages in Integrated Projects and coordinates end-user groups in industry-led projects. Polis acts as a facilitator between the EU projects and their end-users in cities in publishing guidance and policy notes aiming at supporting the use and take-up of project results by cities and regions. The Network is and has been involved in numerous EU projects on urban transport and comfort/mobility. Recent relevant projects include CVIS (Polis was the main author and editor of the CVIS handbook on cooperative systems for local authorities), CO-CITIES (cooperative systems for cities), CONDUITS (ITS indicators and benchmarking), and FOT-Net (Field Operational Tests network).