SICE is a company founded in 1921, 100% belonging to the ACS-Dragados Group (the second largest construction group in Europe). SICE is a reference system integrator (one of the top three in Spain and a major actor worldwide) providing technical consulting and auditing, basic and detail engineering; installation, operation and management of turn-key solutions for the transport and environmental sector (air and water quality, toll systems, parking systems, telecommunication systems, railways, intelligent transportation systems, fleet management).

It currently has more than 2500 employees and around 314 m€ turnover of which 36% from abroad. International presence is guaranteed through SICE´s own network in the UK, Portugal, Greece, South Africa, China, and South America, otherwise the ACS-Dragados network which extends worldwide is employed.

SICE has a proven record of technical competence and managerial experience in international environments, including EU R&D projects (more than 20 in the last 5 years) including the coordination of e-PARKING, ADA and OPTIPARK as well as the former e-TEN project, TECAPSY, a carpooling initiative that was awarded the “World Submit Business Award for Sustainable Development Partnerships” in the Johannesburg conference (September 2002) organized by UN and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Role in the project

SICE as ITS developer and integrator will focus its participation mainly on the adaptation and integration of applications and systems in the Spanish test site, and on the setting-up and conduction of the test trials. SICE will participate also on various activities in different work-packages: contribution to definition of technology potential of ITS for VRUs needs, cost assessment of ITS systems deployment, supporting the definition and development of the cooperative system architecture and information system, and also to actively contribute to project dissemination activities and exploitation plan and strategy.