TNO is the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research and was founded in 1932. TNO is a knowledge organization that does contract research for companies, governmental bodies and public organizations. Its mission is to make scientific innovation applicable for industry and government.

One of the research themes of TNO is Mobility, comprising topics like (intelligent) vehicle technology, ITS, road side technology, infrastructure technology, intelligent traffic management, environment and human factors in transport.

Main skills & capacities

We excel in tools and knowledge on simulation and modeling for validation and assessment of governmental policies, sensor systems, and complete traffic systems, all varying from driving simulation and human performance modeling (including Desdemona), vehicle-hardware-in-the-loop test and simulation facilities (VEHIL laboratory), PreScan simulation software, high-fidelity multi-agent simulation, ICT for intelligent transport systems, network simulation and models describing traffic or vehicle behavior.

Relevant network and experience

Through the past decades, TNO has built extensive experience in the innovation and development of various comfort/mobility solutions, followed by the deployment of the acquired knowledge and created technology in practice. We have departments focusing completely on the in-car platforms and applications, monitoring systems for intelligent infrastructures, independent advice and consultancy on long-term policy making, and human factors/human machine interfaces.

TNO is secretary of the EARPA Taskforce safety and member of the ERTRAC Safety Working group.

TNO was project leader of the road safety relate EU integrated project APROSYS and of the impact assessment project eIMPACT. TNO has played or plays an active roll in the integrated safety oriented EU projects such as ASSESS, AsPeCSS, interactIVe, FIMCAR, PReVENT, SAFESPOT and CVIS, the naturalistic driving study related projects PROLOGUE and FESTA (resulting in the FESTA-handbook) and the field operational tests euroFOT, PreDRIVE C2X and DRIVE C2X. Regarding vulnerable road users TNO is active in the GOAL project regarding elderly and various international projects regarding the safety of cyclists such as SaveCAP. TNO has contributed to the PISa project on motorcyclists and the ALIZ-E project on children.


Role in the project

TNO will lead WP3 Impact Assessment and will lead the activities on the Dutch test site in WP5. Furthermore TNO will contribute actively to most other work packages, including the development of the assessment methodology in WP2, the recommended practices for the communication technology and HMI design in WP4, and to the recommendations in WP6. Four TNO departments are involved in the VRUITS projects in distinctive roles. CV’s of the proposed personnel from these departments are presented below.